Samantha Gold

Illustrations by a bird crazed girl from Sydney Australia.
i like your drawings, what inspired you?

Thank you! :)

Hard question, I actually am a very uninspired person. I find it so hard and rare to be inspired and motivated by things and it can be quite frustrating.

My cynical view on life probably plays a major role in my doodles though.

I sound like the biggest downer! haha

Are these your illustrations?

Everything on my page is drawn by me unless stated otherwise :) x

Nothing to ask, just wanted to give you a compliment. Your work is funny and interesting and weird in the best way. And the detail is wonderful. You have true creative talent! Keep up the good work. :)
by Anonymous

I accidentally pressed published before typing anything..

Anyhoo, thank you whoever you are! Especially for taking the time to compliment a total stranger. :)